English 1st Paper -HSC Suggestion 2020 (100% Common)

English 1st Paper -HSC Suggestion 2020 (100% Common) for all education board suggestion is here for you. English 1st paper is an important subject. English 1st paper is hard subject too.Follow our English 1st paper  suggestion for HSC exam 2020.You can make good result in English 1st paper.

English 1st Paper -HSC Suggestion 2020 (100% Common)

Dear students HSC exam 2020 is knocking the door.In this post we shared HSC English 1st paper suggestion 2020. It may harmful for your exam,if you waiting for HSC English Question out 2020. Lets see English 1st Paper -HSC Suggestion 2020 (100% Common) in the below :

Seen,Unseen ,Summaries (Comprehension)

  • Diaspora_________
  • Kuakata_________
  • Conflict___________
  • Folk music_______
  • Name amerigo______
  • _________is easy
  • Hercules was son_______
  • According to________–
  • Shilpi________-
  • A craft work__________-

Paragraph Writing:

  • Climate change
  • Etiquette and manners
  • Folk Music
  • Diaspora
  • Human Rights
  • An Ideal Student
  • Food Adulteration


  • Fair Daffodils
  • I will arise
  • Blow blow
  • Died for beauty
  • Hold first Dream
  • Under the green wood


  • Gradual rate of the internet user
  • Primary school in town
  • Profession by educated people all people dream
  • Population growth in Bangladesh
  • Students daily activities
  • Internet user in Bangladesh
  • Literacy rate of Bangladesh in different year

Story Writing :

  • A hare and tortoise
  • Woodcutter
  • A king had 3 sons
  • Look before you leap ( farmer and his goose)
  • A greedy dog
  • Two friends and a bear
  • A trusty crow

Email Writing:

  • Negative effect of drug addiction
  • Preparation of HSC examination
  • To return the book
  • picnic
  • Marriage ceremony
  • Admission procedure

Letter Writing:

Letter writing is very easy. Follow our suggestion for great preparation.

  • Bad effect of smoking
  • Consoling him to his father dies

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